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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friendship Bluejay Card


My first card post and this is not even one of my best cards! LOL This card was made with a new (to me) stamping technique that I had not used before, or even though of, and it took some trial and error before I got a decent outcome.


The front panel is an image stamped on tissue paper as instructed. Although it was the right ink, it took days to dry and even still would smudge. I will have to try it again when I have the patience, lol, maybe tracing paper will work better? Let me know if you have any ideas! I colored the back of the tissue paper with colored pencils and then crumpled it up real good. You have to cut the paper bigger than the size you need to compensate for the crumbling. Also use a dry glue stick or double sided stickers to adhere it because glue runners leave a moist imprint through the tissue paper. At least if you are layering it a paper edge like I had to end up doing, it hides the glue and the colored stamp area hid the glue in the middle. To dress up the inside I inked the edge of the sentiment and offset it to add the rhinestones and added some paper scraps. That was still too plain so I added some fiber and got some satisfaction. The next one should look better since I have experience now ;)

I am enjoying learning about blogging and I know I will make mistakes, but I started the blog to enter card challenges. I hope I can learn to link them correctly! I have seen some of the requirements people have on their blogs to enter their challenges and I am dumbfounded and need help!! I have to add their sketch, image, blog candy, or whatever to my page and link back to them and link my card page in a different way, and wow... there should be instructions for this stuff! I don't even have any followers to help me, hehehe, so I will just have to find someone who already has their blogs going full force to ask. Maybe it will be you (considering if I ask you, you might come back to here and see this) and you might be my first follower. If so, thank you in advance!

I better get going and find some answers! Many blessings!!


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  1. Welcome to Blogland - I didn't astart that lone ago either and most of the time now I know what I'm at, but you can always find someone out there to help you. The main thing is ... just enjoy yourself. Good luch with your future Challenges. :-D

    Ike xx


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