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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coffee Fix

It seems like Blogger still acting up?! I added a lot of text to this and the last post today and it is gone!! Grrr... guess I start over? I will never get caught up if this keeps happening! I also had to go check where I entered my cards because I noticed that my entry had disappeared. That would have been ok if the collections had not been closed!

Coffee - one of my necessities. I love to get my fresh hot cup of coffee with flavored cream and sit quietly thinking of what to write on a blog or what next to create. Half the time I browse through other blogs and follow links to their DT or links to even more blogs - it is very inspiring! Even though I don't have all the new gadgets or as many stamps or embellies, I think I can still make a decent card ;o) I truly like the CAS though there are some absolutely stunning card photos out there with tons of stuff on them that still don't look too busy but you can't stop looking at them! LOL This card is a little more than CAS, but I feel it is still clean and simple to an extent. I got really lucky for this card inspiration - the colors (which are not showing up just right on these pictures so I might have to retake them in natural light) were in my favorite category from PPC, and PIO had the "funny bone" that fit this Fairy Knoll digi perfectly. There were a few sketches to choose from but I kept going back to The Secret Crafter sketch even though other sketch challenges were closing sooner. Sometimes things just all fall into place and it sure is nice!

So, on with the card details... The one sided heavy paper really goes with another paper that you will see properly combined later, but it went well . I actually have a coffee bacgkgound paper somewhere but could not find it and my printer is acting up so I could not print one

Challenges this card qualifies for:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pail of Flowers for Mom

I am going to try to add the links for the challenges of this card before Blogger goes back down. Forgive me for not writing much, I haven't been able to post much for days! I hope they got the problem fixed, but I am not taking chances.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tall Friends

I barely got this posted last night in time to be entered for a couple challenges because Blogger went down, so I could not even finish working on this, and I missed being able to post another. I also found out last night that I won a challenge at Paper Playtime for challenge#44! I have won 5 digis from Di's Digi Downloads and discovered I will be having a hard time selecting only 5! I think I am going to find all blogs she sponsors and try to enter them to win more. If you have not seen her work I suggest you go look, I made the link for you to follow.

Challenges this card qualifies for:
MelJens challenge #57 - Make a tall card

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let It Snow - Sledding

Growing up and living in Florida for 25 years I only saw snow twice. Once was in elementary school while we were walking to the bus stop, and I think it was about 38* but it was coming down, sticking on the roads and piling up on the cars. It was actually feeling warmer as we walked and the snow was falling and I remember taking my coat off. The second snow was Christmas eve 1989 and it was SNOWING lol. The ducks were all swimming in the jacuzzi of the apartments I lived in and the steam was rising out of it like crazy but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. We had rolling blackouts because of the power load of people cooking for Christmas, using more heat, and maybe even that darn jacuzzi! Holly was 2 and Christy had just been born Oct 24th so I had to bundle them up real good and preheat the car to go to my Grandparents house for Christmas Eve dinner, celebration and Santa coming to give out gifts for the kids (young AND old kids hehe).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blessed Day

Every day is a blessed day - whether it feels like it or not, lol. We are blessed to be alive, blessed to have: shelter, food, loved ones, pets, vehicles, clean running water, commodes that flush (I thank God for that on a regular basis!), an income of any kind, etc... After all the recent tragedies or natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and tornadoes, we should be even more thankful if we were not affected by any of them!!

Challenges I would like to enter this card in are:

Mom by Christy

My daughter, Christy, really wowed me when she made this card for me. It was a few years ago and I didn't even know she was making it! How could any mom not be proud to receive a card like this for Mother's Day??? She is extremely artistic, as you can see, and was in band and dance at the time. When I started papercrafting she really picked up on it and loved playing with me and we made some bang up cards. The craft area was in the basement and she must have been working on this somehow when I wasn't down there with her, or she was hiding it REAL WELL!