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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I've been up to

My poor neglected blog!

I was so excited to start a blog and post my cards! I was thrilled to find digital images to color for my cards! THEN I found digital scrap papers and elements! I was clueless about how to use them. The first element I found was a cluster from DigiDesignResort. I asked how to use it and didn't understand well enough so I couldn't enter that challenge. NOW I understand LOL! I am completely AMAZED at the creations I have found in forums, blogs, stores, etc. and have been gathering free clusters, Quick Pages, and more, and even bought some kits. I joined a few forums and read tutorials and downloaded a program to practice digiscrap, but I couldn't get past making the first layer *yes you can laugh with me*. I didn't want to buy a program, not knowing what to buy that would be the best investment for the long run since I want to eventually learn to design. Then I found out that I had Gimp from years ago that I only used to transform image types, but updating it and reading into it I learned that it can be used for making digiscrap pages - yay! Of course, I had to learn how first.  I have been using Microsoft Office Publisher for almost 20 years now so I started practicing in it. I can make all page aspects easily in it but I can't put drop shadows on my elements and found out that it is really important to have them, hehe, or the page looks, well, flat. Still, I entered a forum challenge with a mini kit provided and I created my very first page ever, and I did it digitally in Publisher, and even converted it into my desktop wallpaper!

Be nice, it is "flat" since I have not re-created it in Gimp to have shadows yet, but I wanted to share it with you. What better to scrap my very first page with than a family photo? I hope you like it enough to come back and see what else I learn to do! If you have any help to offer or good Gimp tutorial links, it will be greatly appreciated :o)

My desktop wallpaper

These were done in the Gotta Pixel fourm and are stored in my gallery.  There are many challenges there with great freebie rewards and the ladies are awesome! Come join if you want to learn and be part of a fantastic community of support!

 I will be learning to design and posting freebies as I go along. I pray all of you are kept in God's loving hands. If you have had damage to your homes from flooding or fires, I pray that God is making a way for your shelter, food, clothing and future needs as you give Him praise for every little thing you have left in your life, and even that you have your life, because He loves you so very much!! Been there, done that...

Many Blessings to all of you!  JoyfullyOrange/Deborah


  1. That is awesome, thanks for sharing!
    hey, Pixie dust paperie is giving away a Pixie Kit, please come join in the fun!

  2. Hi, thank you for the love you left at my blog :)
    Your layout looks great, have your figured out how to make shadows?
    A way I do it is:
    make a copy of the element, color it black move it behind the element and blur the black between 5-15 px depending on the size you want the shadow to be, and the move it around until it fits where you want the shadow to come from
    I hope that can help you


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